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Top 3 Frequently Used Promotional USB Flash Drive Models

Promotional USB flash drives are increasing in demand due to their application and usability in almost every field. From education sector to corporate sector, these USB drives are not only useful but also indispensable. Most of the companies as well as individuals are opting for promotional USB drives in order to promote their business. Following are three frequently used promotional USB drives models that are not only economical but also reliable and durable.

1. Classic Style Promotional USB – A classic style promotional USB comes with a cap. It’s simple yet sophisticated appearance has a loop built into the shell casing to attach any accessory. Your logo can be printed on either side of the surface. These classic style USB drives are economical, reliable and one of the most simplest form of USB models.

2. Twister USB Flash Drive – It is one of the best selling USB drive of all time. There is no cap to lose, its convenient, durable and best of all economical for any budget. The pivoting metal clip displays your logo on 1 or 2 sides, while providing a powerful and effective portable storage device for your clients.

3. Aluminum USB Key – The compact and sleek styled thumb drive is no bigger than the size of your thumb. It is fitted with a key loop hole, it’s the perfect size to be attached to your key-chain accessory or printed lanyard. With its unique metallic case that fully protects the USB connector, metal USB can be custom screen printed or laser engraved.

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