Custom Drive Name

A specified drive name will show up in the directory instead of the default, “Removable Disk” or “UNTITLED” or “NO NAME”. If your user’s have a lot of drives on their computer, it might not be easy to identify which is your flash drive. The volume label will show as the label of your USB drive when it is plugged into a computer. You are allowed 11 characters, excluding the following: \ / : * ? “ < > |
Be sure to mention the details to your account manager.

Data Loading

Our Data Loading service is FREE up to 100MB and included in all our service packages upon your request. Additional charges may apply if your overall data size exceeds our Free data threshold.

Please be sure to know the size of your data, to be sure it will fit on the drive size that you purchase. The chart below will show you what the estimated usable capacity will be on the size of USB you choose:


We prefer that all of your preloading content is collected prior to submission. Please be sure that your files are organized how you want them to appear on the drive. This includes file names, formats and folder structure.

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes requested after submitting your preloading materials may result in multimedia development fees & time delays.

Standard Data Loading

We can preload any data file to your custom shape USB or the logo usb flash drive (i.e. software demo, music, photos, PowerPoint slideshows, movie clips, and PDF product brochures). With basic data loading, files can be removed by users to free up flash drive space. Check out “Non-Erasable Content” options if you want to prevent your content from being removed.

Non-Erasable Data Loading


Any files loaded on the USB Flash Drives can only be read and opened, but not erased by the user. There are two options:

Fully Locked
: This completely prevents the user from adding or removing any files. The flash drive would only be used to share the content that you choose to add.

Partitioned: Only a section of the flash drive is locked (enough to store your data). The rest of the space on the custom flash drive can be used to store the user’s personal data.


How much information can a custom USB flash drive really hold? We´ve put together a chart that shows how many photos, documents, songs and videos your personalized USB drives can carry.

Please keep in mind that these charts are based on an average file size and may vary slightly for you.

How do I send my data files to you?

The easiest way to submit your artwork is via standard email (if files are under 5MB). If you have larger data to load you can use free online data service providers such as Dropbox or Wetransfer. For data sets greater than 2GB, we suggest sending us a CD or USB stick with your data by courier or contact your account manager to get the details for our FTP site upload.

Unique Serial ID Drives

A pre-configured unique serial number can be preloaded onto each individual drive for software copy protection, USB replacement, software activation, membership token, access control, and multiple other security and identification purposes. Speak to your representative if you require this option.

Imprinting Options

USB Canada is proud to offer our clients 1 FREE Logo impression (4 color imprinting or laser engraving), in 1 location as part of the base price of ALL of its USBs.
Many other suppliers will see your logo as an added cost, which in the end will cost you more than necessary. Our print quality is impeccable and is carefully inspected for quality control prior to packaging your order for delivery.

Printing Methods

Although 1-4 color imprinting is the most popular decoration method, USB Canada offers other methods of personalization for your promotional needs. Please contact us for more information and details on the following types of customization:

Full Color Process

Full Color Process Imprinting is also available on some styles and is required for graphics with subtle gradients and blending.

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is a great option for metal surfaces and produces sharp looking images. It is also the most durable of all imprinting methods.

Hot Stamping/Debossing

Hot Stamping/Debossing is available on a small number of products, most notably on our leather-enclosed USBs. This creates an indented “impression” of your logo onto the surface of the USB without using color, but does achieves a sophisticated look.

Metallic Imprinting

Metallic Imprinting is a process that is applied to your logo that creates a metallic effect, and is available on a number of products. This addition can be a key eye-catching feature when promoting your product or company.