Product samples are used to show customers the exact product they intend to later imprint with their logo; they do not include the customers’ logo/message. They are blank products (no working memory chip) or sometimes, products that may be imprinted with another company’s logo/message. They are required as part of our guarantee policy.

Sample Cost

USB Canada will provide up to 3 product samples, free of charge (limited to non-working USB samples), to legitimate business customers. Samples valued at more than $5 (such as working USBs) or samples above the 3 free allowed will be charged at the market price listed for the minimum quantity.


Shipping for samples is Free and complimentary service at USB Canada. If you prefer, we can use your shipping account as well (such as UPS, FedEx, or Purolator).

How to Order Samples

To obtain a product sample, please discuss your request with your Account Manager. Note that adequate time is necessary (1-3 days) to receive and review the product sample as it can add up to a week or more to the overall ordering process.

The following information is required for a sample order:

1. Product name(s) or number
2. Company name, shipping address, telephone number;
3. Shipping account number (if necessary).


Pre-production samples are an exact copy of the final product in producing your order, only rather than shipping the entire order to you, you are receiving 1 unit only. Pre-production samples are highly recommended as they ultimately ensure you are 100% satisfied with the end result: changes can still be made before the entire production process is started. Pre-production samples are recommended however not required.

Pre-Production Sample Cost

The cost of a pre-production sample can vary depending on the product ordered. A pre-production sample may seem costly, but this is mainly due to the setup and preparation involved in producing a single customized item. Think of it as an investment: when ordering $5,000 worth of customized products, is it not worth it to spend $75-200 to ensure that the final product fully meets your expectations?

Please do not hesitate to inquire with your account manage for further information on pre-production samples.


Shipping charges for pre-production samples are the responsibility of the client. We can use our shipping account and then bill the charges to you in the case that you do not have a shipping account (i.e. UPS, FedEx, DHL or Purolator).

How to Order Pre-production samples?

To obtain a pre-production sample, please contact your request with our Sales Department.


All pre-production samples must be paid for at the time of request. Pre-production sample orders will not be processed until written authorization with payment is received.