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How Custom USB Drives Can Help Your Business?

It may surprise you to learn that custom USB drives can actually do a lot to help your business. You can use them for everything that CDs and DVDs are used for, and then some! There are too many many possible Custom USB advantages to mention, but here are a few to give you some ideas:

1. Distribute Your Content

Distribute your company information such as annual reports, investor information, training videos, press kits, promotional materials and more! By loading this information on a USB drive, it will be easily accessible and extremely lightweight to save on shipping.

2, Inform clients about new products and save money in the process

Inform your prospective clients and customers about your product/services including product catalogs, price lists, photos, drawings, case studies, and demo videos. Save on printing costs by producing a digital catalog that is easy to ship out at any time.

3. Thank you gift

Hand them out to your employees or preferred customers as a thank you gift. Reinforce the strength of your brand with a customized USB flash drive that will be used over and over again and that you value their business.

4. Promotional tool

Custom USB drives make great promotional tool to catch people’s attention at a trade show and promotional event attendees. Stand out from the crowd by promoting your product in a unique and innovative way. Go with a basic style or go with a fully customized shape that represents your product or company: the choice is yours!

5. Use the fastest data rates for large documents

Do you works in an environment that regularly transfers large documents or files between 2 or more computers? Consider our newest USB 3.0 flash drives, which have some of the fastest data transfer rates and that are also great for data backup and recovery for workstations, servers, and other computers.

There are many other custom USB advantages without saying that in replacing any printed materials with any Custom Flash Drive, know that you are doing your part for the environment. By handing out eco-friendly USB Canada custom flash drives, you are cutting back on paper and providing an item that is both reusable and very practical in more ways than one. Show your clients that your business cares about the environment.

At, we are committed to helping your company grow by providing premium quality USB drives that will be both reliable and make an impact at your next trade show or event. Of course, you are not limited to these uses.

Just put a USB flash drive to work for your business any way you like!