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What types of files are needed for my artwork?

Many types of file formats will work for our printing processes. The suggested format for printing a 1-4 color print is a vector file. Vector artwork files provide the best quality and allow images to be resized without loss of sharpness or detail.

Examples of a vector file are .eps, .ai, and .cdr. If you do not have one of these formats available, we can also use high quality image files like .jpg, .png, and .psd.

When using one of these formats, you can expect best results from 300dpi or better, with a size many times larger than the actual print area. Our team of specialized designers will recreate your logo into a vector format for printing.

When printing full color on one of our white drives, you can use an image 300 dpi or better with a size many times larger than the actual print area.

Here is an example of a non-vector file:

You can see how .jpg, .bmp or .gif files become pixilated and distorted when resized to maximize print size in a print area.

For the vector files, the computer remembers the file using vector paths, thus avoiding pixilation of the image. Vector paths are saved as mathematical equations, allowing resizing of the image without any loss of clarity.

For the majority of other file types (jpg, bmp, png, gif, etc.), the computer uses a grid of pixels or small squares that get fuzzy and distorted when enlarged.

Will I be able to see a digital representation of my flash drive before it is produced?

A free custom digital proof will be provided for your review prior to placing your order. This process helps us ensure that you receive the flash drives exactly as you envision them.

What if I don’t have artwork?

We can print any text in a font of your choice on our flash drives. If you would also like a shape or image in your print, simply talk with one of our account managers and they can help you to locate the image you desire.

Will you keep my artwork on file?

Finalized artwork will be stored to ensure that your future orders are as easy as possible.

Unacceptable Artwork File Formats

.GIF files, Page layout files such as Quark or Pagemaker, Word processing documents such as MS Word/Power Point, Photocopies or photocopies of business cards, letterheads, fax transmissions, etc. (These formats are too low of a quality to ensure you a quality imprint.)

Print Area

As you browse through our products, you will able to see the artwork guidelines & imprint area dimensions clearly stated within the product specifications. Imprint areas are the printable dimensions where your company logo is placed. These dimensions are rough guides only to give you an indication of how much space you are able to play with. You can discuss your possibilities with us so we can get our design department to mock up your requests.

Pantone Colors

In most cases, USB Canada works with pantone colours when it comes to the production of your custom usb drives. If you have detailed and specific branding specifications, it is especially important to advise your account manager of the exact pantone colors you use for your corporate logo.

Download the Pantone_Chart.pdf document.

The Pantone Color Matching System is largely a standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another.

More infos about Pantone colors :