USB Tooth Tooth Shaped USB Drive - U14 USB Tooth - U14


Dental USB - U14 - USB Tooth

Personalize your dentistry profession by backing up your client’s dental records to a tooth shaped USB for your firm or organization. The shape is ready made, we just need to customize it with your logo or name. A perfect promo item for dentists, dental related organizations and schools.

Minimum Purchase: 100pcs

Features :Browse All USB Drives, Custom Shaped USB, Healthcare & Pharma, Plastic
Production :7-10 days
Available Colors :#FFF
Available Memory sizes :256MB, 512MB, 1GB USB, 2GB USB, 4GB USB, 8GB USB, 16GB USB
Operating Systems :Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/ME & +Mac OS 8.6 & +Linux 2.4.x & +
Speed :USB 2
Warranty :3 years
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White Tuck Box (no window)

White Tuck Box (no window)

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